• hand formed ceramics

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the more you know, the less you need

we offer beautiful, functional items - we keep things simple.

the environmental impact of every element of our supply chain has been carefully considered, and our pieces are handmade in wellington, new zealand using ethically sourced and sustainable materials. 

if you want to know more about any aspect of our production, please ask - we love transparency.

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founder, dee johnston

you can't beat handmade

new zealand baby sleeping bag sleepsack swaddle blanket merino organic

a gift for you

our pieces are carefully packaged using recycled and reusable materials, and are sent in compostable mailers. for our baby range, care instructions can be found on our website - and we like to start you off on the right foot with an ecostore gift.

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happy customers

'delighted with my new wave bowl it is so beautiful and gorgeous to look at - elegant and practical, it's a treasure!'

-Mandy Nightingale